European Utilities Telecom Council (EUTC) represents the telecommunications and information technology interests of Europe’s electric, gas and water utilities and other critical infrastructure organisations.

For decades European Utilities Telecom Council’s members have constructed, owned and managed some of Europe’s largest private fibre and wireless communications networks used to ensure safe, secure and reliable delivery of essential utility services. Today, European utilities are faced with new regulatory, technological and business challenges to maintain the high quality of these private networks. At the same time, many are actively engaged in using their telecom experience to develop and deliver new, competitive commercial communication services to better serve their

As such, European Utilities Telecom Council’s primary purpose is to create a favourable regulatory, technical and business environment in which its members will:

  1. Be equipped to provide the most secure, reliable and cost effective core business operational communications networks; and
  2. Have every opportunity to succeed in the competitive European telecommunications market.

The value for all European utilities is that European Utilities Telecom Council will be their best source of support for every major telecommunications need they will face in the next ten years. The return on the modest financial and time investment in EUTC should be enormous through insights and information alone. Combine this with the opportunity to shape European regulatory policies in a more favourable manner and EUTC’s value becomes incalculably strong.

More information about EUTC Memberships can be found in the brochure here.


European Utilities Telecom Council offers membership opportunities for all types of critical infrastructure organisations and their technology partners. We encourage you to join today based on your company type. Membership options include: