EUTC BOOK “Utilities and Telecommunications in a Nutshell”

Request the access to the online PDF of EUTC’s book “Utilities and Telecommunications in a Nutshell”, written by Alberto Sendin, Adrian Grilli and Julian Stafford.


EUTC represents over 20 utility companies and vendors under one single unified voice in Europe. We bring together members’ expertise and experiences to collectively investigate relevant topics for critical infrastructure and telecom operations in Europe.


The dynamic legal and regulatory landscape in Europe is having an ever increasing impact on the telecoms operations of utilities, energy companies and other critical infrastructure organizations. Whether exploring competitive telecom business opportunities, managing new technologies for internal applications, or addressing evolving multinational operations – legal and regulatory issues are growing in importance to all.

To meet this need, EUTC is actively involved in many EU working groups and is regularly called by the European Commission to advise on ICT / Energy issues. As a result, we are able to monitor national and EU regulations and offer members a monthly update with latest developments.

Specifically, EUTC is part of the ICT for Smart Distributed Generation Thematic Network (TN) funded by the European Commission. This Thematic Network (TN) brings together key players in the telecommunications and energy sector. Its objective is to foster and promote large-scale integration of domestic and distributed micro generation and promote improvements in energy efficiency through the implementation of innovative ICT solutions into local smart power grids.


EUTC is proactively involved in many EU affairs, ranging from the European Parliament and Commission to individual pan-European associations focused on relevant themes in energy and water utilities and telecommunication networks.

Supporting sustainable & cybersecure critical infrastructures