UTCAL Summit Online: Spectrum for Utilities – International Effort

In this panel UTCAL will showcase their activities with CITEL and the WP5A Work Group of the SG5 of the Radio Communications Sector of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), where it acts strongly to ensure that utilities have access to an appropriate spectrum, a topic that has been one of the main priorities of UTC Global Advisory Committee.

A reasonable investment of resources has been made over the past 10 years in the search for harmonized spectrum for utilities. In the last five (5) years, UTC Global Advisory Committee has developed a coordinated approach to act directly with each regional regulatory group (in the case of UTCAL, Working Group ANATEL Utilities) resulting in a positive reaction within CITEL and ITU.

As a consequence of these activities at international level, there is a gradual increase in sensitivity on the part of national telecommunications regulators to the specific demands and needs of utilities companies with regard to access and use of spectrum frequencies dedicated to the implementation of so-called Utilities Mission Critical Networks – private networks of companies that support mission-critical applications related to the operation, maintenance and continuous supervision of the electrical system.

Moreover, this participation has favoured the objective of promoting a more uniform use of spectrum by utilities, that is, their harmonized use in the various countries where the companies operate, and we will show what is being done in these countries, which allows to increase the scale of the supply of standardized radio communications equipment and the reduction of their acquisition cost due to the economies of scale achieved. Join Julian Stafford, EUTC’s General Secretary, and various other international organisations in the debate on the importance of harmonizing spectrum allocation to increase efficiency and robustness of networks for critical infrastructure.

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